5 Essential New Casino Table Games for 2016

Introduction: What are the 5 Essential New Casino Table Games for 2016?

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Introduction: The game is mostly digital as well, with standard array of odds and behind-the-scenes games provided through different methods such as mobile apps and in-game wallets.

Essential New Casino Table Games for 2016 – Traditionally during an online casino session gaming circles rely primarily on poker and slots games, but those are not the only highlight activities that gamers can indulge in these days. These five entirely new games include were released in 2016 but have been communicated to have become great attractions elsewhere within the last few months.

Which New Five Table Games are worth commemorating? Poker table games including variations

We were pretty impressed with the positive trends for online gambling for each target audience, and online brands are smiling at the top performances in marketing. Today we’re going to explore some of our favorite aspects from the new casino table games that may be new to you—but won’t be in a few years.

What are the 5 Essential New Casino Table Games for 2016?

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In this post, we will look at five important new casino table games that customers are going to experience in 2016. These games include: Tom O’Neal’s Black Jack Baccarat, Euro-Jack 9 Card Poker, Texas Hold Em Kos: A Game of Chance and Edge and Lucky Dino. What is happening in casinos today with respect to these very important table games?

How to Play the 5 Essential New Casino Table Games for 2016

Essential casino games

Presenting new casino table games

The past decade saw a change in the approach to gaming. The strategy-based games of old captured an audience with longer sessions and lower stakes – no doubt because they were offering fantasy and escapism to avoid the troubles of life. Here, we take a look at some of the smart strategies casinos can use in 2016 to entice an audience by offering a more fulfilling, low-risk experience for those planning for their monthly take-home income.

Why invest time on basic tips?

​Collecting offers from online casinos

In the table game genre, there are now more new casino table games to know about in 2016. From the increased number of people opting for slot players, to the novelty from the proliferation of internet-enabled devices like tablets, these five new table games have enough buzz and gameplay to have you throwing your chips far into the air and asking for more!

Although poker still dominates land-based casinos, players nowadays can also find blackjack and roulette tables with a small increase in shared fair chance bet options. Table games are now as likely options than they once were before casinos are making this transition ahead of competition with online gambling businesses like PokerStars.com – through company sites such as Big on Stars and Thunderkick – while they still hold a captive audience on land using online slots apps available through companies such as MrGreenTech.com

Introducing your readers to some simple information about different casino table games is a great way to entice them into playing them against you at your next

Online casino players get alternative options for playing online table games in recent year. These alternatives are new and popular among bettors in 2016. Live casino players can also seems these games offered at different online sites.

Split the Pot-Split the pot offers you an opportunity to split your winnings on two separate games with multiple hands if the total amount of coins won is above a certain threshold.-Horse Racing

Baccarat-Video Baccarat offers you realistic card tracking, better than other methods. Roulette-Entirely automated, robot/computer controlled gambling system offering a potential 100% winning ticket.- American Roulette

What are the Best Online Casinos with the 5 Essential New Casino Table Games?

5 Essential new casino table games:

– Roulette

– Poker

– Tic Tac Toe

– Blackjack

– Baccarat

With so many online casino sites now available, players seeking the best online casinos have more to choose from than ever before. The decision of what casino to play on when came down to us is still difficult. We take a look at five new casino table games that were introduced in recent years.

There are four table games found at traditional casinos – Roulette, Blackjack, Baccarat and Craps. There is also a fifth game – Sicboo Spin Bo strategy

Here is where you will find the best online casinos. Casinos are increasingly turning to mobile devices to make chatting and playing games easier and more responsive. Providers are also creating games specifically for smartphones, tablets, and other smaller screens.

Progressive jackpots

Latest slot machine technology not just a couple of decades old

Conclusion: Start Playing These 5 Essential New Casino Table Games Today!

When it comes to casino games, there are many that have missed the boat and those which are new.

In conclusion, I would like to say that you should stop playing the games that you have found to be boring or not fun and don’t feel like playing anymore cause they likely won’t bring any money back. Instead, start playing these 5 essential casino table games today by choosing a new wallet featuring new games as well!

Slot machines are the most common casino table game. Simply put, playing a slot machine is a fun yet compelling way to make money from percentages. In the even a machine lands on its only bet X or else it doesn’t give you anything, that’s why some people love slots so much. The key to win is everything when it comes to slots, but this means you need skill.

In order for slot games to be designed correctly, developers and experts need eyes on the backside of their work. So why not let an AI do all your math and symbol analysis for you? Some AI apps have been capable of identifying probabilities based on data and accurately predicting win lines by analyzing the symbol patterns in the person’s historical games without error or mistakes.

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5 Essential New Casino Table Games for 2016

Buried under all the discussion and headlines about online, mobile, and social gambling are the classic games we first fell in love with. I’m a fan of table games, games like craps and blackjack, in old-fashioned brick and mortar casinos.

Though the industry is trending away from these games, I’m happy to report that I found five examples of brand new table games released in the year 2016. Below are details on the five games I’m most excited to get my hands on this year.

Lumina Roulette by Gold Club

Lumina attracted so much attention at G2E that I just had to try the game out. It’s a weird-looking creature, with eight seats gathered in a circle around a central roulette wheel covered in a thick dome. All wagering is done electronically, so no casino employees are required or anything. Lumina is really just a different physical take on the classic electronic roulette games that are so popular in America.

Lumina adds a mystery progressive jackpot that pays out based on a player wager and is triggered randomly. This progressive is available for both local and wide-area progressive systems. The real story here has nothing to do with new rules or software. Instead, Lumina is just plain pretty to look at. Imagine if Apple designed an electronic game, and that’s what this game’s physical presence looks like. The materials are top-notch, the lighting and sound effects are enticing, and it’s simply a gorgeous game.

Double-Up Blackjack by Score Gaming

New blackjack variants for land-based casinos are rare these days. Most of the table game market is focused on creating mobile and social games based on classic game rules. Double-Up Blackjack is based on the rules of standard Las Vegas blackjack, but with a unique side bet available. Double-Up Blackjack was Score Gaming’s big product release at G2E 2015. In Double-Up Blackjack by Score Gaming, players have the option of doubling-up their wager on any two-card hand, up to the amount of the original ante.

The conventional wisdom on table games with side bets is that they’re not worth your time. But that’s not necessarily the case with Double-Up Blackjack. According to an analysis by a third-party auditor, the game’s house edge is 0.84%. Without knowledge of basic strategy, a standard Vegas blackjack table with the same number of decks (six) gives the house an edge of about 0.5%. In other words, you’re not paying that much for the side bet.

Head Start Hold’em by Grover Gaming

Based on the rules of Texas hold’em, Head Start Hold’em isn’t exactly a table game. Then again, it’s not a video poker machine, either. It’s a game designed for multiple markets, from casino floors to racino and cardroom slot banks. Don’t confuse this game with the clunky Texas hold’em video poker imports that have popped up over the past few years. Head Start Hold’em lets you bet as a spectator.

It works like this – five players around a Texas hold’em table start with the same pocket cards every hand. As the player, your goal is to wager on which hand will win, after seeing a unique flop. Each of the players around the virtual table pays out differently based on the strength of their starting hand. One player starts with AK off-suit, another starts with a pair of 5’s, etc. You can wager on any or all of them to win.

Pai-Jack by Score Gaming

Upstaged by Double-Up Blackjack at G2E 2015, Pai-Jack is a Pai Gow Poker-style five card game with a unique blackjack twist. The game substitutes the traditional poker hand hierarchy for blackjack-style hand rankings. It sounds complicated, but with a few plays, you’ll catch on to the strategy.

Basically, your five card hand is broken into two hands – one made of two cards (low) and one made of three cards (high) using standard blackjack scoring rules. A new category of hand is added – the Pai-Jack, any hand made of two 10’s and one Ace. This hand pays out 1:1, unless a special Bonus wager is placed at the beginning of the hand. If that happens, the hand is paid out according to a separate pay table.

Pai-Jack is noteworthy for the fact that it’s a brick and mortar table game, for its beautiful table design, and for injecting some new life into Pai Gow Poker, which is getting a bit stale after all these years. Don’t let the 3.5% house edge scare you away from an exciting new way to play casino-style poker.

Three Card Prime by Galaxy Gaming

Think of Three Card Prime as a classic Three Card Poker casino-style poker table game with lots of additional player features. Imagine it’s the VIP version of Three Card Poker. That’s what Galaxy Gaming wants you to do, and they’ve gone to great lengths to make that happen.

The game’s Prime Beat and Play Wagers are traditional in-game bonuses based on making a side wager and putting together a specific hand to make that bonus bet pay off. But the Bad Beat bonus is what set this game apart from other casino-style poker table games that have premiered this year. If you lose with a straight or better, you win a wager multiplier, as much as 25x.

Three Card Prime is a continuation of Galaxy Gaming’s “Prime” series of poker games – they released Four Card Prime last year, but this game is a big improvement. Though it isn’t eligible for a progressive jackpot, like other games in the Prime series, it offers new bonus options that might attract some players back to casino-style poker. And that’s a very good thing.


My conclusion here is simple – table games aren’t dead. Okay, so I included a couple of electronic games here, but I’m just so excited to see some cool new table games to play that I’m willing to overlook that. I’m all for mobile gambling, and I know people really enjoy the social features being added to games right and left, but I’m old-school. Give me a good blackjack table, an adult beverage, and a few hours, and I’m a happy man. It’s good to see game designers working hard to keep fans of traditional table games happy.







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