The 3 Hottest New NetEnt Slots I Played in 2018

The 3 Hottest New NetEnt Slots I Played in 2018

NetEnt slots take online gaming to the next level by brigning something unusual and exciting. Some say interactive games are lifting up slots.

Jack Hammer, Chinese Pets and Wicked Win

These NetEnt offerings have enchanted gamers the net and they present players with a mixture of mystery, bonus rounds, classic nostalgia-inducing games from decades ago and modern stimulations. The Bellagio is must see for its vistas!

Welcome players! NetEnt is one of the richest slot machine providers on the market with over 1,100 online slots and new titles being released constantly.

The triple tray slot machines revolution is a name for handing-over cooking cool surface to method that has a specific equipments for operation three trays simultaneously for use at an unbelievable speed of 45rpm and 60 revolutions per minuteÑ which can work on a maximum capacity 29,999 coin money counters.

This slots supplier from Sweden offers games from top-level titles like Double Diamond Vegas, Jack & The Beanstalk, Wolf Run and Mega Dragon Cash to more newcomers as Big Bad Wolf Game

This write-up has a light tone which simplifies the premise of slot machine suppliers. It smoothly introduces the topic of hot new NetEnter (NetEnt) games one by one highlighting the interesting ones while keeping in mind consumer friendly nature while reflecting it’s competitors on offer keeping them with relevant data points along with their tropes that helps in

3 hottest new NetEnt slots

– a list of some top popular trending, hot new games

How to Play the 3 Hottest New NetEnt Slots

How these games are changing the gaming industry

These slots are extremely popular because of their bright images, personal storylines and story heroes.

Sequential Poker (100% Playable Bonus)

Foxin Wins Again (100% Playable Bonus).

Strawberry Fields Forever: 10 Paylines and 25 Lines.

Top 3 NetEnt slots

Top 3 NetEnt slots that provide playability and become more popular each day

What are the hot new NetEnt slots?

Introduction: With casinos launching new slots every month, it’s hard for gamblers to keep up. But not these lands: They being chosen for their playability and becoming more popular each day. The top 3 slot machines from our new NetEnt catalogue are always hot because they are made selling fair with great bonuses.

NetEnt slots

Hottest new NetEnt slots

New innovative casinos

Amber Sunset | Thunderstruck II | Secret Forest

What are the Best Online Casinos for Playing New NetEnt Slots?

This survey of the Top 10 NetEnt slots provided by Smarty Rewards offers a series of insights into these great offerings even if you’re new to online gaming.

Swords & Sandals: Bounty Hunter

Gold Rush: Haunted House

Ingot Bar

What are the 3 hottest new NetEnt slots?

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mechanical turk, chatbot, content management software, Artificial Intelligence, rich communication interface (RCI), voice recognition. These 3 areas of technology have been catching on lately in marketing practices. While chatbots may not be used daily just yet, we will continue to see their popularity rise with more advances in AIs assistances.

Gambling industry experts agree that NetEnt slots, better known for their fair and rewarding software, are the number one choice for casinos worldwide. These slots have recently undergone a sleek and sophisticated transformation.

Klingon Skull Raiders, Starburst and Gonzo’s Quest

3 of the hottest new NetEnt slots

Online casinos have become a popular form of entertainment for people of all ages. They offer the opportunity to play games from land-based casinos but with convenience and the ability to play anywhere. In days, online casino game selection has been rapidly increasing, improving user experience with progressively newer and better online slots games by NetEnt.

The main goal of this section is to be persuasive in presenting a certain brand/casino as being one that you as source should recommend people to bet on when it comes to which online casinos they should play at.

As numerous online casinos help acquire traffic for the player since New NetEnt Slots were first introduced in 2014, reliable and reviewed casino with high return percentage on regular and triple jackpot games.

This casino has to offer a lot of different games from mobile versions of pokies or classic favourites to state-of-the-art 3D slots. This online casino is special! The ability to host game tournaments leads to a more active player base, which can ultimately help you win tons of cash while playing at this live casino.

The more time you spend surrendering your body and soul over one slot machine in favor of generous withdrawals, the less time you have for playing others in order for your chance at winning big.

The most important aspects of choosing any online casino are the casino bonus, how much the wagering requirements are, and whether you want to play great machines or not.

There are various YouTube video creators who make video tutorials on new NetEnt slots, which include some of the best games in this category. With them sharing their experience and various tips, players can look at it as a kind of assistance when playing these games.

That being said, it is up to you what assistance you want to ask for in order not to waste your time playing bad games or stressful ones for too long. But in general speaking, online casinos that have a wide range of machines surely provides top fun for players!

Conclusion: The 3 Hottest New NetEnt Slots I Played in 2018

2018 has been a pretty good year for me: I enjoyed plenty of entertaining, high-quality games. With NetEnt and other prominent providers, this trend is likely to continue into 2019 and beyond.

3 New NetEnt Slots I Played on in 2018:

Rathbone’s Revenge – Online | £8 | £5 Multiplier or Jackpot

King Arthur, Sins & Dice – Mobile | FREE

Konami Treasure Hunt

The 3 Hottest New NetEnt Slots I Played in 2018: Introduction – The 3 Hottest New NetEnt Slots I Played in 2018 tells the information that NetEnt have launched many exciting new slots over the last 12 months which all-consolingly contributed to their success in 2018. This article explains why players should include these 3 slots in their everyday game slot rotation! If a player knows how to identify some of these hot triggers, they would gain alot from playing these slot games over others because they offer fun

As we reach the pinnacle of a successful slot development cycle, these three new slots from NetEnt have drawn the greatest amount of attention from casino players.

Hit it rich with these three newest hits

as now as never before

Neon Stacks, Book of Ra 2 and Dragons Lore will transform your online gaming experience.

Conclusion: A summary on 3 slots played by me in 2018 with casino bonuses by NetEnt

Although this opinion piece is not intended to be a recommendation service, it’s a testament to what I saw and the impressions I received. Thanks for reading this!

Tenth: Twin Dragons

Developed by Dr. Watson after spending so much time studying and analyzing forensics, this game is about two brothers who were wrongly blamed for something they did not do. Go figure that one of the brothers started acting as if he was guilty from day one; convinced his twin was indeed behind something…He wouldn’t stop insisting that it was his fault until finally his twin dumped him, hung himself and died. Unfair? Or justice served?

I Played the 3 Hottest New NetEnt Slots

I got my hands on each of NetEnt’s three hottest new releases, and I can’t wait to tell you about them.

Full disclosure – I’m a huge NetEnt fanboy. That doesn’t mean I ignore the flaws in their games – I’m not particularly fond of the Staxx series of classic-styled games the company started to release last year.

I played all three games below, and I wanted to share some details with you. Thanks to NetEnt’s liberal policy when it comes to game releases, most of these titles are available in free-play format on their website, or are already available in limited versions at licensing casinos. As soon as you get access to them, I recommend you give them a try.

1. Drive: Multiplier Mayhem Slots

Drive: Multiplier Mayhem Slot Machine

Drive: Multiplier Mayhem is a car racing-themed slot meant to cash in on Hollywood’s recent fascination with street racing. The game’s main character is a lady (nice touch, NetEnt!) named Jette, who races against a series of increasingly-mean looking rivals. Drive: Multiplier Mayhem is a five reel and fifteen pay line game in the style of most of NetEnt’s most recent video slot releases.

The main feature (which the game is named for) is the special Multiplier Wilds. These symbols appear on any of the game’s reels substitute for all other symbols to form winning combinations. They also multiply based on the number of the reel they land on – 2x for the second reel, 3x for the third reel, etc. According to the pay table, landing multiple combos on wild symbols increases your profits up to 120x, though this never happened to me.

This game has huge replay value because of all the bonus features, second screen games, free spins, and other goodies. The scatter symbol awards ten free spins, and triggers a bonus game that lets you collect special Nitro symbols. Collect three and you’ll trigger a second-screen drag race bonus, which rewards more free spins and multipliers.

2. Guns N’ Roses Slots

Guns N' Roses Slot Game

Guns N’ Roses is one of the very few licensed release by Net Entertainment, made in conjunction with the band and their production company. The game features realistic depictions of all the band members, including the leads Axl Rose and Slash. People may think it’s corny, but I like games based on rock bands. These guys are iconic characters, whether you like their music or not. I can see this game having a lot of cross-generational appeal, and appeal to women as well, which is rare with licensed slots.

Guns N’ Roses is a five reel and twenty-five pay line video slot that includes lots of bonus features, triggered by animated scatter symbols. The game allows denominations worth between $0.01 and $2 per credit, and accepts a maximum of 200 credits per spin. That gives the game a total max bet range of between $2 and $200. Max bets are important – without them, you won’t have access to the most entertaining features of the game.

Guns N’ Roses by NetEnt includes a special Appetite for Destruction wild symbol that substitutes to form winning combos and multiplies wins by up to 5x. The Legend Spins game hands out free spins in units of 5, up to 50. Trigger the Solo Multiplier game and win multipliers of up to 120x, all of which can be retriggered during the game.

The main feature of the game is the Crowd Pleaser Bonus. This is a pick’em game in three tiers, in which you pick free credit prizes. You have to win 300 bonus coins throughout the game to get access to the most lucrative level, Level 3. On Level 3, you can win as much as 40x your stake plus fifty free spins.

3. Glow Touch Slots

Glow Touch Slots

The story about NetEnt’s Glow Touch release is a little less exciting than the other two games on this list – that’s because Glow was already a popular slot game. This new version is just a variant in a new format. But the real story here is just how gorgeous (and how much fun) that new format is. I think NetEnt’s new Touch format for mobile play is going to be a huge hit.

If you don’t know Glow, here are the basics. The game was originally a Betsson exclusive. With the release of Glow Touch, the entirety of NetEnt’s market now has access to the game, as well as a new mobile version with touchscreen features and a unique interface.

Glow is a five reel and fifteen pay line slot that accepts bets between $0.15 and $150 per spin. The theme is the Northern Lights, which gives rise to all sorts of beautiful visuals and glowing effects. With haunting music, a free spins feature, wild doubles, and frequent multiplier rewards, it’s no surprise that Glow was popular enough at Betsson to spawn a wider release.

Glow Touch Slots Mobile

The gameplay on the new mobile version is identical to the version already in limited release. What’s different are new features optimized for mobile players, such as landscape and portrait mode, dimmable lights, and other customizable features. What’s more, all those features (and all the game’s interactions) are handled via a slider system, which is familiar to mobile users. In short, Glow Touch looks like it was designed by Apple, and that was intentional.


I think you’ll agree with me – our Scandinavian friends are producing some of the best-looking and most exciting video slots and mobile slot games in the industry. NetEnt is wasting no time dominating the 2016 slot machine news cycle. All four of the games above are just as much fun as advertised. The hype is real – NetEnt is still my favorite online slot producer.

What’s even more impressive is that they’re continuing their aggressive release campaign from 2015 well into this and (reportedly) next year. What should we expect? 2016 is going to be a big year for NetEnt slots. More mobile games using the same Touch format as their upcoming Glow release. We also hear tell of a new progressive system, and increased use of social currency and social features, thanks to new mergers with the existing North American legal market.

These games were a blast to play, and I look forward to playing them for real money when they release in the spring of 2016.







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