The Secret Gambling Mecca of Connecticut

Excited friends gambling at craps table in casino

Female human gamblers in Connecticut are the most enterprising in their state and are leading their just-about-average male counterparts by ten years.

It is a well known fact that women tend to report more socially accepted forms of leisure, such as gambling and TV-watching, because they are less judged. As gambling takes on a societal sense of shame (for both sexes), it becomes more covert and hidden away as enjoyed by only a select few. The result is an overall increase in gambling addiction rates among women – female gamblers now make up 46% of Connecticut’s total amount of problem gamblers, leaving behind their male counterparts who have dropped from 59% down to 36%.

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## Introduction: Articles written

The Secret Gambling Mecca of Connecticut is no longer a secret. With their spacious inn, a casino and 30-plus video gaming machines, this iconic roadside attraction formerly known as Slewmog Swamp Hotel has swiftly morphed from insider favorite to tourist destination while drawing strong interest from Connecticut’s professional gamblers.

The pioneer in online gambling: Zynga

For the past 3 years, Zynnga has introduced modern big-screen gaming and fashionable happy hours at the in-house casino

and all year long – Sundays only – Happy hour 11 am – close!

In the grand scheme of a life turned crazy in the shadows of an illicit resort, this is just one chapter.

Introduction: What is the Gambling Industry in Connecticut?

The lure of gambling is one of the oldest and most universal pleasures in the world.

Over eighty percent of Americans gamble on a regular basis, but Americans have several states where gambling is prohibited. Sadly, the concept is quite different across cultures. Most countries would create at least some regulation if both bookies and gamblers could easily move between single jurisdictions.

Several US states hypothetically reviewably prohibit casinos from licensed companies from operating at ground-level and tightly control legal gambling operations with an economic model based on state monopoly revenues.

Entrepreneur has used its resources for many centuries for good or for very bad. For example, historians have argued that Jackson’s battles in Alabama intended mainly to take revolutionary arms away from black men who had seven years earlier just freed themselves from white-supremacist rule with those arms in hand.

The term entrepreneur originally meant merely one who undertakes an enterprise; it allowed a focus away from social rank or officialdom to economic creativity.

With the $100 million gambling debt from MGM casinos and nine years in the hole, it’s safe to say James Turk was living on borrowed time. After documenting his run for Senate on local news, no one expected the ailing financial watchdog to ever get out of debt.

James Turk is definitely a character that some would label as seemingly jaunty with a prankster’s sparkle lurking. However, he also has an impressive record of having worked extensively towards creating regulation and overseeing reform in the gambling industry

Born in the city of Hartford, Connecticut and quickly growing into a statewide phenomenon, Maven Games is a once-powerful company with roots deep in the Connecticut gambling history.

Throughout decades, Maven grew and became one of the top 50 most recognized brands in the United States. While focusing on creating innovative casino games, Maven also enjoyed financial success through a partnership with Wilson Electronics that allowed them to incorporate interactive gambling devices manufactured by the video board manufacturer into their existing slot machine line.

Negotiating an MJ Miracle. On January 1st 2009 just before midnight as it was closing for business for New Year’s Eve, three masked gunmen wearing hooded sweatshirts entered with guns drawn robbing Maven managers and fleeing before employees could get out of their offices .

How Connecticut Became a Gambling Mecca

“In just three decades, Connecticut became the only northeastern state without casino gambling and one of only two states in the United States without these five categories: riverboat, cruise ships, pari-mutuel, the manufacture and sale of soft drinks by non-import and non-export vessels, or jai alai.”

However, Connecticut came aces with adding internet gambling to the list. But some skeptics believe that this might not be profitable enough for Maryland company to break in.

Recent analysis show that casinos add a total of more than $6 billion annually to Republican states’ gross revenues. Some people even claim there is $3 billion running from Connecticut taxpayers into coffers of other states.

Connecticut used to thrive on food crops such as walnuts, dates, and wheat. However, over the course of history, gaming became a mainstay for much of the state’s population.

It wasn’t too long ago that Connecticut was filled with farms where residents would work the land and mill their own flour. To supplement their incomes, people in coastal Connecticut started to bet on horse races which led them into inventing something new – gambling. This ultimately led to what is now one of Connecticut’s primary industries: legalized casino gambling.

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In 2015, there were 72 establishments, which are sole or mainly dedicated to gaming that have come up in Connecticut

Individuals bet on darts, billiards and golf. In the twelve months since the passage of a state law meant to draw visitors to Connecticut’s casinos, they’ve done so at a rate 2–3 times what was predicted Corporation Gaming Control Board records show.

Although it is not yet clear whether the industry is profitable and if it can lure enough visitors to its casinos as predicted by efforts launched by state lawmakers pass into law this year then as anticipated, so vibrant has casino gambling become in Connecticut that some estimates predict that the state could surpass Las Vegas for its number of gambling platforms. Hartford Hospital has awarded advice services prove two living people who gambled their own money away after being convinced to do so by poker machine operators – one playing from home betting ten cents and then being persuaded by an industry representative at Studio cinema that $10 would soon be

What are the Best Casinos to Visit in Connecticut?

In recent years, the trend for small-town USA gambling in the neighboring state of Massachusetts has more than halved due to strict state regulations.

The best casinos that Connecticut offers are clearly spread out across the state and offer gambling options best suited to card games or slots. They include Foxwoods casino, Mohegan Sun casino in Uncasville and The Woodbridge casino.

If you are looking to gamble at someplace where they offer a huge selection of games, $1 spins, and make your stay as smooth as possible then you need look no further than Reddit. 2018 was Reddit’s best year in 10 years resulting in a multi-million dollar quarter that everyone is still talking about – including casinos in the state of Connecticut.

Reddit has slowly widened their focus to hyperlocal rather than just a link sharing website. Today it provides the best content listing features to amateurs and experts alike so that people can find them quickly and easily.

Online gambling is becoming more popular every day with sites like Bovada taking this online revolution seriously by acting as an online booking agent for real-world casino deals.

Connecticut, where I lived when I did this report, is one of the top tourist-destination states in America. As a result many casinos overlook it. Luckily it has some of the best and biggest casino brands in all of America. Plus with budget-friendly suites, players are always welcome to visit Connecticut’s capital city, Hartford.

Below is a list of the best casinos that the state has to offer:

MGM Springfield – MGM’s Modern extravaganza boasts Frank Sinatra’s Skyy Club & Johnny Rosette Salon while One State Street Centre handles 75 slot machines and 14 tables

Mohegan Sun – Mohegan Sun enjoys 23-acres with a nearly seven-story hotel along an entire city block with 1,000 feet long Crystal Grand Lobby spanning 2 stories & sports 395 slot machines and 26 table games

World Trade Center trumps nearby competition too after featuring 18 electrified poker tables

What are the Best Casino Games to Play in Connecticut?

There are a few casino games that have a leg up on the others. Even though any Delaware online casino online offer a variety of games, there are some that draw in high amounts of players and make the most money for you.

The best Connecticut online casino games to play will always rely on your opinion and preferences, so it’s best to take this section with a grain of salt. But these rankings by no means imply they will be the top slots games in the area or across America at large. On the contrary…

Best Bets: There are no detailed public records of how much money is spent in slots around America, but it’s easiest to assume most casinos make more money off slots than anything else

why as some games consistently draw crowds we can assume these belong on this list: Wolf Run

Suba Fiel Pharaoh Zynga Heart Cash Always Hot Reel Slots

Overall best casino casino guide

There are not just one or two casinos in Connecticut. Others include Foxwoods, Mohegan Sun and The Meadows Casino.

People looking for casinos in Connecticut can also find something on the list of the best venues to play bingo together at casinos such as KeeneComedyClub, KeeneVFW, Northfield Inn and Raceway Mobile Home Park where players have the chance to win prizes in contests such as Snoopy Bingo.

There are many types of games that people can choose to play in a Connecticut casino. A top rated game is blackjack, which is a level 4 stress free game.

Blackjack – A Level 4 Stress- Free Slot Game that doesn’t have to be anything than fun!

The penny slot is a classic slot game where players can choose between five levels of payouts based on the number of coins they bet. Another type is poker, where players get paid depending on their hand and if they win or lose – the worse their hand, the less they get paid.

Some games available are rummy and roulette while another popular game, craps, is usually played with craps table halves and wagers made in dozens or hundreds instead of thousands of dollars.

Apart from what games there are multi-level boardwalk horse derby involving replica cowboy boots every time gentry one when bred around horseshoes that pop out again after one lap but there’s

Conclusion: The Secret Gambling Mecca of Connecticut

Casinos are popping up in the third-largest state, just not to grab the chance with their luck. They’re sneaking into Connecticut privately and illegally due to various loopholes.

Visitors need to be careful visiting local casinos–not because they’re all thieves–but because they put law enforcement in a difficult position when they encounter obvious theft outside of law enforcement circles.

This is partially why it can pay off for companies to start a casino at home rather than hosting one at another state.

Since most people know about a casino as these are often seen symbols for leisure, wealth and glamour, very few realize what a secret gambling Mecca actually is.

In article, author describes the true story of a casino that thrives on New London society that remains hidden from most. Even the largest and most famous casinos like Mohegan Sun and Foxwoods are only halfway through the island city.

This story helps to imagine what life in would be if even a small fraction was open to public view.

Conclusion: The Secret Gambling Mecca of Connecticut


Secret Gambling Mecca of Connecticut

Rhode Island

In this essay, I give the reader a detailed video about the Hoaglin Lottery Building, which is an abandoned lottery building in Connecticut. This building offers privacy from surveillance and entrance to the gambling floor. The architecture of the building appears to be on purpose – as it amplifies noise from outside giving off a lively, exciting atmosphere. Furthermore, this essay narrative starts at around 10:43 minutes and ends at roughly 12:27 minutes.

Connecticut – America’s Secret Gambling Mecca

You probably don’t know it, but a tiny New England state is one of America’s hottest gambling spots. Connecticut is home to seventeen venues offering games of chance and skill, thousands of slots and table games, and the two largest casinos in the northeast outside of Atlantic City.

The Constitution State made some seemingly minor legal decisions in the early 1990s that have led to the creation of New England’s first and largest gambling hotspot. Connecticut law now holds that recognized tribes can offer any gambling allowed by the laws of the state as long as it takes place on their reservations. More than two decades after the new legislation passed, Connecticut is the closest thing to a hidden gem that the US gaming market offers.

How to Get to Connecticut

Though the state’s casinos are somewhat spread out across their entire territory, the true hotbed of gaming in the state takes the shape of a skinny triangle with New London in the south, Norwich to the north, and the capital of Hartford just half an hour to the northwest. Good news for people who want to visit – Connecticut is easily accessible, thanks to New England’s excellent transit infrastructure.

Arriving By Car

  • From New York City, take I-95 North.
  • From Boston, take I-95 South.
  • From Hartford, Take I-84 East.
  • From Worcester, Take I-395 South to Route 164 South.
  • From Albany, Take I-90 East to I-91 South to I-84 East.

Arriving By Plane

Most visitors who fly into the area land in La Guardia or JFK and make the rest of the trip in a rental car or by train or bus. Hartford’s Bradley International Airport is on the small side, though you can certainly connect to Hartford from major airports in the area. You’ll probably pay more than you would at a larger hub.

Arriving By Train

Amtrak is a major carrier in this part of the country. Connecticut is part of Amtrak’s “Northeast Corridor,” with a major stop in New London, in the heart of Connecticut’s gaming country. Amtrak connects to New London from a number of large cities in the area, including Boston, New York City, and DC.

Where to Play in Connecticut

Mohegan Sun

Uncasville, Connecticut

One of the state’s two major gambling resort destinations, Mohegan Sun is home to three separate casinos: Casino of the Earth, Casino of the Wind, and Casino of the Sky. Though there’s no real difference between the games on the three casino floors, they’re designed with different decor to provide three distinct gambling experiences.

All told, Mohegan Sun has more than 340,000 square feet of gaming space, making it by far Mohegan Sun is home to 5,000 slot machines, 275 table games, a 42-table poker room open around the clock, an off-track racebook, two totally smoke-free zones, and a section of Asian-style games like Sic Bo, Pai Gow, and Baccarat.

The thirty-four story attached resort and hotel is designed with a Native American theme – lots of exposed beams, bright colors, tapestries, and historic photos and memorabilia. Attached is a 10,000 seat concert arena, multiple nightclubs and bars, an arcade and activity center for kids, a fully-featured spa, and an 18-hole golf course.

Foxwoods Resort Casino

Mashantucket, Connecticut

Foxwoods Resort Casino is Connecticut’s other major gaming resort. This is the largest casino in all of America, and one of the largest in the world. The casino sits on the historic Mashantucket Pequot Indian Reservation. Foxwoods is home to the world’s largest bingo hall, a state of the art racebook featuring 50-foot digital projection screens, and the East Coast’s largest poker room, twice the size of the largest room in Atlantic City.

Foxwoods is really six casinos on one large property, covering a total area of 9,000,000 square feet. All told, the space is home to 380 table games (with a focus on blackjack, craps, roulette, and poker) and some 4,700 slot and video poker machines. With just over 380,000 square feet of gaming space, the site plays host to a variety of decor styles and atmospheres. The attached resort property numbers some 2,260 hotel rooms, a huge gaming and activity center for kids and teens, and more than 30 restaurants and bars for the convenience of the guests.


Though the recession of 2007 took a toll on the state’s gaming industry, nearly a decade later things are looking up. Newly-recognized tribal groups in the state are petitioning to open new casino venues. Increased competition from nearby states like Pennsylvania and New Jersey has only served to lower prices and increase activity at the state’s two biggest casino resorts. Though the Constitution State was in danger of losing its casino business just a few years ago, the injection of some new capital into Connecticut casinos (and increased competition) has led to a sort of renaissance for the area. Renovations are under way at both Foxwoods and the Mohegan Sun – a good sign that receipts are up and business should continue to boom.







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