15 Things You Didn’t Know about Video Poker

15 Things You Didn’t Know about Video Poker

Video poker has been around since the early 70s, but with the help of iPhone apps and social networks, new game variations have been created and players have seen that video poker can now be just as thrilling online as it is from neighbor’s living room. Companies like Microsoft and Amazon offer opportunities for slot machine crafters through their A.I. powered software screens and user entity profiles; bringing graphic designs to life for world-wide use. The casino world has also unleashed the power of A.I.; improving player experience through chatbots; automated account sign-in, wagering and other automated behaviors. As technology drives growth in this space, companies will be pursuing state-of-art machine learning methodologies in order to stay at the forefront of innovation in a hypercompetitive space like video poker.

In this article you’ll find some interesting tidbits on Video Poker that show how economic cycles effect machines used to play can be hotbeds for


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In 1979 Texas Patterson patented a single full house.

One of the most popular casino games at the early stage of its origin was one that pushed people to gamble and risk it all to win big. And a record 81% of Americans admit they are addicts, with players spending nearly $3 billion a year on this digital game in Nevada alone.

One thing people do not realize is how skillful video poker can be if you know what you’re doing—meaning players can see returns or diminishing returns on unmatched levels about 90% of time even after just barely getting dealt a particular hand. 100 Ways to Live 2 Years Turkey can look like nothing but work – but only if you pay attention in detail during games.

That’s because most video poker machines, when playing three chips which are equal buy-ins for each player who participates in the game, don’t give each player the same number of chances to draw cards from an initial hand of five cards correspondingly with their cards drawn from that hand.

Introduction: What is Video Poker?

Video Poker is a game of chance that combines elements of electronic and table games and is played by placing poker hands on a video display.

Intro to Video Poker: One Eureka site plays the game with states across the US.

Video poker (also known as VP) is a two-person card game that uses playing cards. The structure of the game revolve around determining which cards are worth points and you get these points based on how many pocket cards you succeed in building up as an overall hand. Pocket cards include “10,J–Q”, “J,Q,K–A” suited cards, or any four-of-kind combination like “AA–KKK”. You build the hand by starting with five face-up cards on the table, one or more than five depending which particular version of video poker you play and then replacing certain bad bases with one another card. You then have six decisions: discard or draw a replacement card onto it (

What is Video Poker?

Why are you playing texas holdem or blackjack online or in the casino when you can play online video poker instead?

Introduction: Video Poker is a gambling machine that has been around for over thirty years, and most likely will exist for the foreseeable future too. In order this article will jut lift the shrouded veil off this celebrated game and what changes have come since its inception.

Video poker was initially sold in 1977, by SSI gaming as an all-in-one computer version of blackjack. It was marketed as a quicker alternative than using card decks (without this hassle, players don’t have to pocket cards that may draw others). There are many great benefits to playing video poker at home with your computer streaming video games gameplay and then losing all your cash with precision.

What is Video Poker?


How does Video Poker work?


Slot video poker played online and offline.

How to Play Video Poker

With over 400 ways to play and many that use strategy, video poker is a favorite casino game for Missouri residents.

In video poker, the player is given four cards with faces down in front of them. They must decide which cards they will keep from this hand with one being kept and all the other three being discarded face up in a discard tray. The player then gets an additional new hand consisting of five cards being dealt face down in front shown in addition to the four cards already dealt on the previous street but all hands are considered as independent so a single hand cannot be used twice.

Video poker is one of the most widely enjoyed games by players. If you’re looking for a game that offers variety without too much investment, this is it.

Video poker games vary in rule and set some limits to the players who wish to play them. But most of these restrictions go unnoticed and many just get off on the great entertainment offered by video poker’s winning streaks.

Knowing how video poker works and understanding your strategy should be something every player takes seriously because in the long run every win could only mean greater chances at bigger wins as well.

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How to Play Video Poker

Video poker is a game where three cards are dealt faced up by the game, player chooses two of the three, then the aim is to get cards that make for a winning hand. This game has been played for a lot more generations than you’ca think & it can teach us so much about how to be better at our daily lives.

Play video poker

Video Poker Terminology

Video Poker Terminology

Video Poker is a popular game that has seen a worldwide increase in popularity, be it online or place of traditional gaming. Apart from players of casino-style venues who enjoy regular draw games like Blackjack and Craps, players outside of the high-stakes world are also enjoying this fun pasttime.

In casino terminology, some of the words related to video poker include:

1) Jackpot – A single hand in which all five cards are of a value other than 3-2-3-2 (three suits and two ranks).

2) Straight Flush – A series of three cards that are both high card spades or high card hearts with no pairs.

3) Royal Flush – Different denominations specifically incompatible, e.g., straights and flushes.

Video poker is a standard casino game that can be found in most states of the US

Video Poker Terminology

A common piece of terminology associated with video poker is Bonus Round / Free Spins.

Video Poker History

Copywriters don’t spend the time writing content for video poker. From the 1980s to now, video poker has been a highly productive and lucrative industry for the professional videogame creators. In this section, you will be able to learn about what made video poker so successful and what you might want to consider as an app creator in today’s market.

Over 300 years ago, nobles enjoying gambling quickly became popular in Europe. The game of chess soon after began paying winners despite being a tedious game of head-to-head battles between two players over hundreds of pieces. Some sources claim that this is where playing cards were first developed, but even that remains uncertain because no one really knows how much time it took to produce gem cards with trumps.

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Video poker machines have been in use for a long time but the history of video poker games goes as far back as the late 1940s. There are many tell-tale signs of how video poker has evolved into a popular card game today.

Video poker became very popular in 1971 when an individual bought one from Damon Runyon, a famous American author and sports man in the 1930s and early 1940s.

Nowadays, most Games are played on table games, with some taking up to 4 hours to play!

Video poker is one of the most popular and well known games in poker history, but how did it get there?

As far back as the late 1800s, people were attempting to create casino gambling machines and came across the idea of adding a camera system that could record events. The methods to accomplish this design change varied for a time and there was no meaning for large quantities of data unless a usable product was made from them. Eventually, some took out their creations and laid their eyes upon them long enough to realize this niche business had completely out performed any forecasts that they ever made on paper.

This niche business centered itself around being able to easily control algorithms for controlling monetary values in Poker and Video Poker thusly developing into an industry self-sufficient like little other at the time as well.

Video Poker Variations and Strategies

Video Poker is a classic and well-established casino game that has been around for over 20 years. It’s easy to see why the popularity of this game continues to sustain since the odds are in favour of players with limited funds but probability favours big winners too.

In a recent article, Bloomberg noted that “It’s just getting monotonous […] there is just way too much repetition”. It’s a fair comment, though most gamers would disagree. Despite variations between different video poker variants and strategies, some things remain the same across all variants.

Generally, video poker involves five cards being dealt to each player in turn – player one get cards 1-5 of their hand dealt first before player 2 gets cards 6-10 and so on. Players can then discard any or all their non-winners to attempt to complete their hand combinations before collecting their winnings for when certain conditions are met (winning full house or flush). Newcomers should beware; this is not an

Video poker is an original casino game, which the player must know in order to be at an advantage. Some of the most popular variations of the video poker genre are triple deck video poker, Super video poker, playtech official casino virtual symbol slot machines or “Slots” so that keep of each card by holding them in his hand will still help move them close to the conclusion.

Note: Let’s explore some six pack sockeye salmon and four-in-a-row pankration games with varying strategies that can be used as companion pieces.

Video Poker is a popular board game for in casinos—people love it for its simplicity. Most people are pretty familiar with the regular version of Video Poker, which gives three to four cards at a time and lets the player pick from multiple pockets to have a chance at getting better cards and earning more money. But there are some variations on this game that offer more opportunities for bonuses and different ways to win big.

Naturally, many players enjoy these tweaks, as they can bump up their odds of winning or achieving other perks like cash prizes or getting your credit card refunded. The following slideshow provides an overview of strategy that can be used to make sure you’re able to maximize your earnings out of the typical duping opportunities in each video poker variation.

The Best Video Poker Sites Online and How They Work

Today, everyone has a device that has Internet capabilities. Making the connection is and easy thing to do. Playing video poker was once just a rarity because of the amount of work that needed to be done. Today, it’s easy with the use of apps like Nektan’s on over 3 million different devices worldwide.

Best Video Poker Sites:

Starbesian Slots

Golden Glow Slots

Taj Mahal Casino Bonus Codes: 100% Match Bonus Men Chance Machines (Get 10 Stars Bonus 10x Player)

Cheap Cards Guarantee. This site provides an assistance to the gamers by providing whatever slots and card games they want. They have set high standards of quality for their products as well as for their customer support.

Zimas Casino: This site is also present in Malta where it is licensed, which means it has a proven record of meeting security standards by the UK Gambling Commission. The level of zimas slots isn’t over yet because new updates are generated often. Apart from these features, the minimal sign up bonus on this site makes sure that you get what you deserve in terms of gambling activities without having to wait too long on bonuses!

For an online platform full of video poker excitement, Jupiter gold is the best place to start playing. Nitrogen entertainment uses an AI technology that analyzes your behavior before offering you higher than expected payouts.

This approach can help sites generate traffic, improve ROI, and increase customer engagement which is why it has become a must-have tool for many businesses. All the top gambling sites offer video poker on their platform – so make sure to keep our handy website guide in your go-bag for when you are playing online.

Video Poker Information: What is a Video Poker?

Different Types of Video Poker Games: Jacks or Better, Jokers Wild, Deuces Wild

Winning the Bonus Round:

Follow these strategies to ensure you win each level (such as the Bonus Round) and collect some extra cash – don’t try to win everything in one spin!

Best Video Poker Sites

15 Things You Didn’t Know about Video Poker

15 Things You Didn't Know about Video Poker

The game of video poker is, besides blackjack, the casino game with the best odds for the player. Some variations of the game even give the player a slight edge over the house. But if you’re not familiar with the game, you might have some misconceptions.

The purpose of this post is to clear up some of those misconceptions and give you an idea of what a great game video poker is. It’s my favorite casino game-I like it even better than blackjack. For the right kind of gambler, it’s probably the best gambling activity there is.

Here are 15 facts about video poker you might not have already known.


Video Poker Only LOOKS Like A Slot Machine.

From a purely physical standpoint, video poker games look a LOT like slot machines. But the resemblance is mostly on the surface.

Here’s why:

On a slot machine game, you have symbols. When you get certain combinations of those symbols, you win money.

Video poker also has symbols, and the combinations of those symbols also result in winnings.

But there’s a huge difference.

The symbols on most slot machines consist of fruit or other random nonsense. The symbols on a video poker machine consist of playing cards.

On a slot machine, you have no way to know what the probability of a particular symbol is. So even though you know which combinations trigger the jackpots, you have no way of knowing what the payback percentage for the game is.

But with a video poker game, you know exactly what the probability of getting any particular card is-it’s 1 in 52.

That’s because the math and the probability behind video poker mirrors the math and probability of a deck of cards.


Hand Values In Video Poker are Similar to Those in Regular Poker, But Not Exactly.

When you play a video poker game, you’ll see a list of hands in descending order on the pay table. This chart shows you how much a given hand pays off. For example, on most games, a royal flush pays off at 800 to 1.

But some hands that would be better in traditional poker aren’t as strong in video poker.

Here’s an example:

In some of the variations of Jacks or Better called “Bonus Poker”, players get bonuses based on their 4 of a kind.

In traditional poker, the higher the rank of the cards that make up the 4 of a kind, the stronger the hand is.

But this isn’t necessarily true in video poker. In some games, a 4 of a kind made up of 2s, 3s, or 4s has a higher payoff than a 4 of a kind made up of 5s, 6s, 7s, 8s, 9s, or 10s.

This is only one example of the differences between video poker hands and traditional poker hands. Another difference is that your kicker doesn’t matter at all in video poker. A pair of jacks with a 5 kicker is just as good as a pair of jacks with an ace kicker-the payoff is the same.


The Payback Percentage is Easier to Calculate Than You Think.

You need 2 pieces of information in order to calculate the payback percentage for a gambling machine. You need to know the payoff for a given combination. And you need to know the probability of winding up with that combination.

Here’s how that works:

On a 9/6 Jacks or Better game, the payoff for a pair of jacks or higher is 1 to 1. The probability of getting that hand is about 21.5%. You multiply 1 by 21.5%, and you get 21.5%.

The payoff for 2 pairs is 2 to 1. The probability of getting that hand is about 12.9%. You multiply 2 by 12.9%, and you get 25.8%.

You can continue with these calculations for every hand in the game.

When you finish, you add all those expected values up. The result is the expected payback percentage for the game.

In the case of 9/6 Jacks or Better, the payback percentage is 99.54%.


Video Poker Is A Game of Skill.

When you play a slot machine, you have no decisions of any consequence to make. You choose a denomination, place your bets, and hope for the best.

But in video poker games, you’re dealt a hand. Then you decide which cards you’re going to keep and which cards you’re going to throw away.

In every given video poker situation, there is one correct way to play. That correct decision is the one that offers the highest expected value.

Here’s an easy to understand example:

You’re dealt a royal flush. The payoff for that hand is 800 to 1.

But you’re not that bright, and you decide to discard all the cards except for the ace or the king.

Do you see why that play might be incorrect?

Most decisions in video poker are subtler than that, of course. But that doesn’t mean your decisions matter less.

The correct strategy decisions vary based on which version you’re playing and what the pay table looks like. For the most part, finding a strategy chart for a given video poker variation is as simple as doing a quick Google search.


You Can Get An Edge Over the House In Some Variations of Video Poker.

Most gambling games in a casino offer the house an unassailable edge. This is true of most video poker games, too, but there are some exceptions. For the most part, your edge against the casino in a video poker game is going to be small, but I’d rather have a small edge over the house than play a game where the house has an edge over me.

The 2 most prominent examples of video poker games where you can get an edge are Deuces Wild and Bonus Bonus Poker. In both cases, your edge over the house is less than 0.3%. And that’s only if you play with perfect strategy on every hand.

The trick is finding the versions of these games which have the appropriate pay tables. Not all Deuces Wild or Bonus Bonus Poker games are created equal. The ones with the right pay tables are usually harder to find.

Of course, you can also get a slight edge on a game where the house has an edge if you take full advantage of the players’ club at the casino. Take 9/6 Jacks or Better, for example. The game has a house edge of 0.46%.

Most players’ clubs pay back 0.3% or 0.4% in rebates. That’s still not enough to get you an edge over the house, but you’re close to breaking even.

But if you factor in free cocktails on top of the other rebates, you might be coming out a little bit ahead. And if you only play when the casino is offering double rewards, you really are playing with an edge.


Jacks or Better Is the Most Basic Video Poker Variation of Them All.

If you know a lot about video poker already, this nugget won’t be much of a surprise. But if you’re new to the game, understanding Jacks or Better is the beginning of video poker wisdom.

Here’s how Jacks or Better works:

You insert your money then press “bet max”. (You always bet 5 coins-I’ll explain why in my next bullet point). The machine deals you 5 virtual cards. You can keep as many or as few of these cards as you want. Then the machine deals you replacement cards.

You get paid off based on the value of your final hand, which is set by the pay table for the machine.

In Jacks or Better, the lowest paying hand is a pair of jacks or higher. (That’s how it got the name.)

One interesting thing about the game is that the payoffs for the various hands are the same from game to game, with exceptions for 2 hands:

  1. The full house
  2. The flush

The payoffs are like this, from smallest to largest:

  • A pair of jacks or higher – even money.
  • 2 pairs – 2 to 1
  • 3 of a kind – 3 to 1
  • A straight – 4 to 1
  • A flush – payouts vary-usually 6 to 1 or 5 to 1
  • A full house – payouts vary – usually between 9 to 1 and 6 to 1
  • 4 of a kind – 25 to 1
  • Straight flush – 50 to 1
  • A royal flush – 800 to 1

I should point out a couple of things here:

  1. The payoffs for the flush and the full house are often used as a shorthand to describe the pay table for the machine. If a full house pays 9 to 1 and a flush pays 6 to 1, then the machine is called a “9/6 Jacks or Better” game.
  2. The payoff for the royal flush is only 800 to 1 if you bet max coins (5 coins).

All other video poker games can be considered variations of this game, which is based loosely on 5 card draw.


You Should Always Bet Max Coin.

I mentioned this briefly in my previous bullet point, but you should always play max coin. The reason for this is simple-you get a higher payoff for a royal flush if you do.

Most games offer a 250 to 1 payoff for a royal flush, unless you’re playing for 5 coins per hand. In that case, the game offers an 800 to 1 payoff. This is more or less consistent from one video poker game to another, regardless of the variation.

The royal flush is considered the jackpot on every variation I’ve ever seen. It only shows up once in 40,000 hands or so, but the difference between an 800 to 1 payoff and a 250 to 1 payoff has a tremendous effect (at least 1%) on the game’s overall payback percentage.

1% might not seem like that big a difference, but let’s assume you’re playing for $5 per hand. An average player sees 600 hands per hour, so that’s $3000 per hour in action. That 1% will cost you, on average, $30 per hour. I know a lot of people who don’t make that much money at work.


Deuces Wild Is the 2nd Most Popular Video Poker Variation.

Deuces Wild is played just like Jacks or Better. You get 5 cards, you can keep between 0 and 5 of them, and the game deals you replacement cards for the ones you discarded.

But in this game, all the 2s count as wild cards, which has a significant effect on the strength of your final hand. Since a wild card serves as a replacement for other cards you might need to create a strong final hand, the frequency with which you see those higher strength hand increases dramatically.

In fact, you don’t see payouts for a pair or even 2 pairs in Deuces Wild. The lowest ranked hand with a payoff is a 3 of a kind.

One thing that doesn’t change, though, is the payoff for the royal flush. That’s still 800 to 1.

But there’s a catch.

That’s only the payoff when you get a “natural” royal flush. In other words, if your royal flush has a wild card in it, you don’t get the 800 to 1 payoff.

The deuces also have a major effect on your strategy decisions for this game. Knowing the correct strategy for Jacks or Better does NOT mean you know the correct way to play your hands in Deuces Wild.

This site has strategy advice for every game variation, including Deuces Wild. But I can share one piece of strategy advice that will help you out on many hands:

Never discard a deuce.

No matter what kind of hand you get in Deuces Wild, keeping your deuces is always the correct strategy.

Here’s another quick tip that’s easy to remember:

Never hold 2 pairs.


The Best Way to Learn Video Poker Strategy Is to Study Bob Dancer’s “Winners Guides”.

This might or might not be true for you, but it was for me. Some people prefer studying via some type of computer program, but I thought the text explanations in Bob Dancer’s books made what I was supposed to do in every situation much clearer than just practicing on software.

Then again, the best approach is probably to do both. Start by studying one of his books, then move on to the video poker tutorial software of your choice.

I suggest starting with A Winner’s Guide to Jacks or Better, because that’s the most fundamental game. It’s also the easiest game to find and the easiest strategy to understand. And if you can find the right pay table and play with the right strategy, it offers close to the best odds-a payback percentage of 99.54%.

Other titles in this series of books include:

  1. A Winner’s Guide to Double Bonus Poker
  2. A Winner’s Guide to Full Pay Deuces Wild
  3. A Winner’s Guide to NSU (Not So Ugly) Deuces Wild
  4. A Winner’s Guide to Pick’em Poker
  5. A Winner’s Guide to Double Double Bonus Poker

I should also note that these books were co-written with Liam W. Daily. I don’t get any commission or any other consideration by recommending Bob Dancer’s books. They’re just the best resource I know of for learning the correct strategy for these games.


One of the Best Places In the World to Play Video Poker is On Boulder Highway in Las Vegas.

The casinos on Boulder Highway in Las Vegas cater to video poker players and offer the best pay tables in the world. You’ll often see gambling writers lament that full pay Deuces Wild games aren’t available anywhere anymore. But that’s not entirely true. You can find those games and others at many of the casinos on Boulder Highway in Las Vegas.

Some of the casinos you should visit for video poker purposes include:

  1. Boulder Station
  2. Fiesta Henderson
  3. Fiesta Rancho
  4. Green Valley Ranch
  5. Palace Station
  6. Red Rock Casino
  7. Santa Fe Station
  8. Sunset Station
  9. Texas Station

All of these properties offer full pay Deuces Wild games. But they also offer excellent pay tables on other variations, including Jokers Wild, Jacks or Better, and Double Double Bonus.

These casinos understand that they’re offering games which sometimes offer intelligent players an edge over the house. Their goal is to get people into the casino to begin with. Also, they understand that most people who think they have an edge over the casino really don’t.


Serious Aspiring Video Poker Experts Should Read Books by Jean Scott.

Jean Scott is also known as “the frugal gambler”, which is also the title of her first book. She’s written 2 more books, More Frugal Gambling and Frugal Video Poker. Her premise is that smart low rollers can combine casino promotions with the low payback percentages found on video poker games in order to get free vacations or maybe even make a tiny profit when dealing with the casino.

A similar book, Comp City, by Max Rubin, explains some of the same concepts for players with larger bankrolls. But he focuses on blackjack rather than video poker, so Jean Scott’s approach is more interesting to someone like me-someone with a smaller bankroll.

You’ll find as much information about how to master video poker as you will about how to take advantage of the promotions from the casinos. She’s an engaging writer, too, using just enough anecdotes and examples to keep even the most jaded reader interested. (Some writers use too many anecdotes and examples, while others offer too much data and information. Jean Scott finds the right balance.)


Bonus Poker is More Similar to Jacks or Better Than You Might Think.

The difference between Bonus Poker and Jacks or Better is just the bonus payout for the 4 of a kind. Other than that, the game plays the same as Jacks or Better. Of course, there are multiple versions of Bonus Poker, too-Double Bonus Poker, Double Double Bonus Poker, and Bonus Poker Deluxe are all examples.

But of course, you can also find variations of Deuces Wild that offer bonus payouts for certain hands, too. Those games are usually called Bonus Deuces Wild or something like that.

Many times the payback percentages on these variations are significantly better than the payback percentages are on the games on which they’re based. Other times, they’re only comparable. The difficulty lies in learning the right strategies for the various games. The changes in the payouts for the 4 of a kind change the decisions that you’re going to make.


There’s Only A Slight Overlap In Strategy In Video Poker and Regular Poker.

Some people might think that if they understand how to play 5 card draw, video poker isn’t going to be a problem. And indeed, some of the decisions you make in one game are the same as you’d make in the other game.

Here’s an example:

You would never draw to an inside straight in 5 card draw. You should almost never draw to an inside straight in a video poker game, either.

On the other hand, an outside straight is often a hand worth drawing to, in either game.

The difference lies in the number of cards that can complete your hand. Here’s an example of an inside straight:

2-3-5-6- K

In order to complete your straight, you’d discard the king and try to draw a 4. But there are only 4 of them in the deck, so the odds aren’t good. (1 in 13)

But an outside straight is a whole different ball game. Here’s an example:


Again, you’re going to discard the king, but this time, you have 8 cards which can complete your hand-any ace or any 6.


You Can Find Free Video Poker Online Easily.

Here’s the thing about free video poker online, though. You can’t win any money while you’re playing.

What’s the big deal about that, you ask?

Well, it kinda misses the whole point, doesn’t it?

Yeah, you don’t have to risk losing any money when you’re playing free games, but you have no chance of winning any money, either.

The best of these free games offer ongoing strategy tips and advice about how to play your hands correctly. These games are sometimes called simulators or tutorials.

These can be effective tools for learning perfect strategy. You can find such games at VideoPoker.com.

If you want to just play recreationally, you can find free games on our site. In fact, even when you’re not playing a game with a strategy trainer, you can learn the basics of how the controls work from a free game. This enables you to avoid losing money on simple mistakes based on errors using the controls.


Pick’em Poker Is The Most Unusual Version of Video Poker.

It’s actually a lot simpler than most versions of video poker, and if you play with the correct strategy, it’s also one of the best games available. You start with 2 cards. Then you get to see 2 additional cards. You get to choose one of those additional 2 cards to keep. Then the machine deals you 2 more cards at random. You get paid off based on the strength of your final hand.

From a pure decision-making standpoint, Pick’em Poker is far simpler than even Jacks or Better. You only have 2 decisions to choose from in this game. In any other video poker game, you have 32 possible decisions, because you can keep or hold any combination of the 5 cards in front of you.

Pick’em Poker is a Bally game, but IGT also has a version called Pick a Pair Poker. You can also find different versions of this game available at various online casinos.

The payback percentage for Pick’em Poker, assuming the best possible pay table and that you play with the correct strategy, is 99.95%.


Almost all video poker variations are some of the best games in the casino-they’re certainly better than slot machines. If you’re a high roller, you might prefer blackjack, but the best odds for a low roller game in any casino can be found in the video poker section.

It doesn’t take a lot of knowledge to get started playing, but if you want to maximize your chances of winning, you should spend some time learning the correct strategies.







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